I’m Julie, the wife of a full-time music evangelist and the mom of a spunky, smart, super-girly 3 year old, Addy. I’m a TV/ movie junkie, a book and coffee addict, and I’m fried chicken’s #1 fan. I’m an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay, a radio promoter and a part-time receptionist at my wonderful church, Harp’s Crossing.  My #1 passion is homeschooling and I can’t wait to begin Pre-K with Addy in the fall. All in all, I’m just me.

Sandy Pearls is the space where I’ll share my struggles, my inspirations, my homeschool fun and any other random facet of my crazy, wonderful life.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Julie for sharing your feelings, your journey, your faith, and your heart. I’m praying for you to feel the Peace that is beyond understanding and the Presence who loves you through every single bit if sorrow and pain.


  2. I prayed for you and your sweet unborn baby! When i read your blog post about your 6 week visit my heart ached for you. I lost a baby nearly 6 months ago and there is nothing quite like loosing a baby. Today I’m now 6 weeks pregnant so when i read your post I could related to your fears. Anyway I just want you to know I thanked God for your miracle and I’m praying for an uneventful, wonderful pregnancy. Congratulations!


    1. I will be praying that you have a safe & healthy pregnancy, Jessica! I’ll also be praying that you feel a peace that passes all understanding. I know that it’s very hard not to worry. Thank you for your prayers for us! They mean so much! Keep me updated on how everything goes with you!


  3. I am Continuously praying for you and your wonderful family! I pray that you will remember that God is in complete control and whatever happens I can assure you that he has a reason for it. I also pray that everything goes well! I absolutely love your blog! thanks for sharing your struggles it has really impacted my life!


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