Boy, Oh Boy!

Jude Annouce 2It’s a BOY!

We are thrilled that a little boy will join our family in November! Addy has talked about wanting a sister for months, so I was expecting her to be a little disappointed, but she couldn’t be happier.  She’ll hug and kiss my belly, say “Hi Baby!” and tell me how much she loves “her” baby. She wants to teach him to play ball and can’t wait to teach him all about the Ninja Turtles. She’s excited to help us change diapers and give him baths. I think she is going to be the greatest big sister. She is loving, nurturing and incredibly affectionate.

A name’s meaning was the #1 thing we considered when looking for one. It’s important to us because it shapes how we pray for our children. Addy is Adalyn Faith and our prayer for her is that she finds faith in God easily and never looks back. For our little man, we chose:

Jude Christopher

Jude: (Latin) Meaning “one who praises God”
Christopher: (Greek) Meaning “bearer of Christ”

We thought that for a little Akin, “one who praises God” was a super cool meaning. And my prayer for him is that even if he doesn’t go the musical route, he’ll find a way to use whatever talents God gives him to praise Him. Praising God doesn’t have to involve an instrument or a catchy melody. We just have to use what we’ve been given to bring Him glory.    


4 thoughts on “Boy, Oh Boy!

  1. Thank God for the Akin Family. Ya’ll are such a Blessing to us all. Congratulations to you and Nick and Addy too. We will be praying for her and ya’ll too for her surgery in Oct and Grandparents too. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.keep up the wonderful work you are doing for our Lord.


  2. just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for all that you do for our Lord and for being such a Blessing to all of us!! We love ya’ll and love the work that you do…ya’ll are such a loving example for the young people of today….God continu to Bless ya’ll..


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