Addy’s Big News!


Wednesday I had my first appointment with my regular OB. It’s been over two weeks since we received our Easter miracle. I’ve had no signs since then that things weren’t going well with this pregnancy, but with three miscarriages in my past, I still get incredibly nervous at each new appointment.

I was told that it might be too early to hear the heartbeat using a doppler, but I could tell that the doctor was a little nervous when she couldn’t find it using two different kinds of dopplers. They decided to work me in for an ultrasound, just to be sure everything was okay. We were ecstatic when we saw the form of our little baby on the screen and heard a heartbeat of 168 bpm!  We are in awe of God’s continuous protection over this little one.

We had brought Addy with us.  If the news was good, we planned to tell her that she was going to be a big sister.  Here was her reaction:

Addy thinks that she is having a little sister and decided on the name Posie. In the other pregnancy that she was aware of, she named that little sister Lamp. So, I’m grateful that she’s moved from light fixtures to flowers. 🙂


One thought on “Addy’s Big News!

  1. So happy to hear the news praise God. One more Akin who will have a positive effect on many people. Love you all and miss you. The Arise my Love video WOW. Be blessed and take care.


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