Our Resurrection Baby

I am completely overwhelmed by the support and love that we have received this week after sharing our struggle. So many of you have prayed for us, and we thank you deeply for reaching out with your kind words, letting us know that we’re not alone.

I was extremely nervous going into the appointment. I knew that I would leave either feeling devastated or thrilled. Knowing that so many were praying for us, Nick and I both felt hopeful. We prayed for a miracle before going into the hospital, but told God that we trust Him with the outcome either way.

At our last appointment the doctor said that things don’t usually end well when such a slow heartbeat is detected. I don’t believe it’s by accident that this all took place the week of Easter, when we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection. I was reminded all week that the same Spirit that brought Jesus back from the dead could breathe new life into this baby. So, along with so many of you, we prayed for a miracle. For some reason, as I laid in bed the night before, I specifically prayed to hear a heartbeat that was 150 bpm, even though I really didn’t know what was considered a “good” heartbeat at this point.

Here is our Resurrection Baby!  What a miracle!

One week ago: Heartbeat at 6 weeks was 63 bpm.
(Should have been 90 – 110 bpm)
Today: Heartbeat at 7 weeks was 153 bpm.
(Should have been at least 130 bpm!)

Although we are rejoicing in the news of today, our hearts go out to others who are still enduring the pain of infertility and pregnancy loss. Through 17 months of wanting Addy to be a big sister, and three miscarriages, I had to keep coming back to the wise words of my pastor that ring more true than ever during Easter: Let God Finish. It’s so incredibly hard to not have what your heart purely and unwaveringly desires, but we can rest in knowing that no matter what we are going through, God has a plan and a purpose. Even when life hurts, He’s still there piecing our stories together, moment by moment. If you are struggling, hold on to Jesus and know that He is holding on to you!

If you have not seen Nick’s new video yet, watch it here, and be encouraged that the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you!  (Romans 8:11)

Oh and FYI, we aren’t telling Addy until her birthday (May 7) when I’ll be through the 1st trimester. We told her about one of our previous pregnancies, and it was just too hard having to explain that we weren’t having a new baby after all. So if you see her, please don’t say anything about this yet. Thank you!!


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